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Are acrylic mirror sheets a good alternative to glass? 

Acrylic mirror sheets are a good alternative to glass as they are hardier and won’t shatter, and they are significantly lighter than traditional mirrors. 

While there are pros and cons of both materials, there are plenty of opportunities to replace glass with an acrylic mirror sheet. Usually, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective and durable material acrylic mirror sheets are the better option.

What are acrylic mirror sheets? 

An acrylic mirror sheet is a flat plastic sheet that can be cut into a variety of sizes. The sheet has a reflective coat over the top, which gives it its reflection. 

Acrylic mirror sheets that most closely resemble glass are silver in colour, and provide you with the clearest reflection. Depending on what you are using the acrylic mirror sheet for, they are also available in gold and rose gold tints. 

The pros of choosing an acrylic mirror sheet 

When compared to glass acrylic mirror sheets are: 

  • lighter than glass 
  • less fragile than glass and harder to break
  • safer than glass; if a mirror sheet is broken it will not shatter into sharp pieces like glass
  • easier to work with than glass – acrylic mirror sheets can be easily cut, drilled, shaped and bonded to suit your project’s needs. 
  • also able to provide a reflection, similar to glass. 
  • easier to clean; glass can hold stains and require a lot of polishing, whereas when you’re cleaning your acrylic mirror sheets, all you need is dish soap and a microfibre cloth. 

The best ways to use acrylic mirror sheets (instead of glass)

Acrylic mirror sheets are a more durable and lightweight alternative to glass, but do the same job – that is, show your reflection. They’re great for high-traffic areas like gyms or dance studios, where there’s a higher risk of impact on the sheet. 

Acrylic mirror sheets are also cheaper than glass, so if you have a large room that you’d like to fill with a reflective material, they are a smarter option than glass. 

Acrylic mirror sheets are much easier to customise and cut different shapes out of, if you’re installing them in an oddly shaped room, or you’d like to get creative with the material.

How do I know if acrylic mirror sheets are the right choice for my project 

If you’re deciding between glass and acrylic mirror sheets, consider the following key factors: 

  • how much money you have to spend
  • the amount of reflective material you need
  • the use of the area you need it for. 

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