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Mosquito Control in Centralia: How to Keep these Pesky Insects from Infesting Your Property

For a lot of homeowners in Centralia, mosquitoes are a serious issue. Such pesty insects are annoying and carry diseases like West Nile Virus, malaria, dengue fever, and Zika. So, if you are a homeowner, you want to do everything to prevent mosquitoes from claiming your property. But if mosquitoes or other pests in Centralia have already set up camp in your home, contact a pest control company for treatments. 

Mosquitoes can be a year-round issue. The warm weather can cause snowpack to melt and lead to the presence of still groundwater. Mosquitoes can ruin the time you spend outdoors, particularly as baby mosquitoes can be painful and usually cause itching and irritation. If you are exposed to mosquitoes, you can get bitten and contract an illness they carry. That is why you should prevent these insects from infesting your property. But sometimes, mosquitoes can be mistaken for other pests such as gnats and midge flies. While these pests are also troublesome, their behaviors do not mimic mosquito behaviors. Seeking help from a pest control company ensures your protection against mosquitoes. 

What Do Mosquitoes Do in Winter?

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects. Although they can’t survive in cold environments, they can preserve themselves throughout the coldest months of the year. Where they go in winter depends on their species. A lot of mosquitoes can withstand cold temperatures. Their eggs can last up to 8 months without water or food. Thus, eliminating live mosquitoes does not stop their eggs from hatching in the dry weather. Often, these eggs are submerged in ice in winter and hatch when spring comes. 

As the cold months approach mosquitoes store up nutrients and focus on lowering their metabolism level. This way, they can hibernate in crevices, hollow logs, animal burrows, and basements, all winter. Hibernating for these tiny pests means suspending their development to prevent the change in season from impacting their bodies. 

In addition, a lot of mosquitoes can invade homes in winter because of the warmth available. Some species set up shop in attics and basements. By taking shelter indoors, mosquitoes have access to warmer temperatures and a source of food. 

Preventing Mosquito Eggs from Being Hatched

To control a mosquito population in and around your home, ensure their eggs do not hatch and bring new mosquitoes into the world. By disrupting their breeding cycle, fewer of these pests will be around your home to disrupt your activities. Mosquito control should concentrate on destroying possible breeding grounds for these insects around your property. Look for anything that can hold stagnant water or heavy vegetation. Mosquitoes only need a small body of water to lay eggs. To eliminate the breeding ground for mosquitoes, clean the rain gutters regularly as they can get filled with rainwater when it pours. Also, it is important to get rid of stagnant water from your flowerpots. This water can be collected in a pan every time you water your plants. Other steps you can take include discarding unwanted containers, clearing bird baths, repairing leaky faucets or pipes, and making sure your pool or pond is moving.